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The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Music & Film 

Drugs are a consistent genre within music and film, from the earliest productions through to modern day releases. Drugs have come to define whole eras, such as the sixties, with successive generations staking their own claims on drug fuelled hedonism. From the early films of DW Griffiths and blues numbers such as Victoria Spivey's iconic Dope Head Blues, through to Acid House and the excesses of Brit Pop, drugs have been a constant companion of the arts. In this section of the website we show case the Museum of Drugs Spotify Collection - a vast collection of vintage and modern drug influenced music. We also invite you to view a number of defining films from the last hundred-plus years of cinematography. 

Jimi Hendrix

The Museum of Drugs Spotify Collection 

Visit our virtual exhibition for a small curated sample of our collection. Click here

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